Tour De Columbia…..Our Staff Favorites: Five Points

Gourmet Shop Exterior Photo -4Drip Coffee Mug Pic 4.Delaney's Sign Pic.

Here are a few of our favorite things about Five Points:

  1. The Gourmet Shop – A must for breakfast or lunch as the food and atmosphere is pretty amazing.  This is a great spot but be prepared to wait a few minutes (ok more than a few minutes) to get a table.  However, the wait it totally worth your while and the café is attached to a really cool kitchen store that sells fresh baked goods, meats, wines and really anything else you could possibly want for your kitchen or your mouth.  Explore while you wait…that’s what we do!
  2. Drip – Almost like a boutique coffee bar, Drip has a hipster vibe with great slow drip coffees and unique flavor pairings.  EX: Vanilla Habanero Latte….it will not disappoint!
  3. Five Pts. Fountain – This is the heart of Five Pts. and the Five Pts. Fountain is a common meeting point for local events.  In the summers, the fountain plays host to Five After Five which is a concert series with food and beverage trucks.  Always a great time!
  4. Cruisin the Tree Lined Streets of Shandon – You’ll have to work off all that Gourmet Shop chicken salad somehow!  What better way than to walk or bike through Shandon’s beautiful tree lined streets and shaded sidewalks.  Conveniently located right by Five Pts., Shandon is one of Columbia’s oldest neighborhoods and the houses make for some pretty good eye candy!
  5. Delaney’s Irish Pub – This unique atmosphere offers a true pub experience, especially during Columbia’s St. Patrick’s Day event.  Their endless menu and beers on tap (for those of you 21 and over) make it a great choice for any other day of the year as well!

The Tour de Columbia blog post series helps give an overview of Columbia’s various areas and a sampling of our favorite places and things to do within each.  We hope that if you are new to Columbia, this helps you discover all that the city has to offer.  Already live in Columbia?  Maybe we can help you find something new!

~Ansley & Ferris

Say Yes to the Address….How to Find Your Perfect Rental

Finding the perfect rental can sometimes be a daunting task.  By asking yourself these simple questions, you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache by finding a property that meets your needs and satisfies your personal checklist and budget.

Is this property in the right location? Is this neighborhood close to work, family, school, etc.? By determining your preferred location up front, you will know where to start your search and can eliminate looking at areas that aren’t convenient for you.

Is the rent comparable to similar rentals in the area?  When looking for a rental property price is key and comparing rental prices in an area can help you determine whether you are getting enough bang for your buck.

Are utilities included in the rent or would that be the tenant’s responsibility as well?  Electricity and water costs are often not included in a monthly rental rate.  If you don’t see utilities listed on an add, be sure to ask as that could turn into an additional cost you weren’t counting on.

Is the rent and utilities (if applicable) in my budget?  Once you know how much you can spend per month on life’s basic necessities (rent, food, entertainment, etc.), make sure that whatever property you are looking for fits into that budget.

Does this rental have all the amenities I’m looking for and meet my needs? This is the last and most important question to ask yourself before signing a lease.  If you are a germaphobe and know for a fact that you absolutely can’t share a bathroom with someone, don’t rent a 1 bathroom property with 2 other roommates.  Have a dog and need a fenced in yard but the property you’re viewing doesn’t have that?  Don’t get swept off your feet by soaring ceilings and a renovated kitchen and try to keep in mind your actual needs.  12 months can be a long time to take your dog out on a leash during rain or shine just to be able to have that farm style sink!

We hope you find this information useful and wish you a very successful house hunt!

~ Ansley & Ferris