I Love This Property but is it in a Safe Area????

Street Sign Pic.If we got a nickel for every time we hear this question we would have a million dollars!  Ok maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit but we sure as heck would have a lot of nickels!

Because of Fair Housing Laws, we are not able to answer this question for any property.  It’s not that we are trying to be difficult, it’s that any property management company is legally not allowed to give any opinions regarding the safety of any neighborhood if they abide by the Fair Housing Laws.  What we suggest is for you to drive by the property and check out the neighborhood as well as the property itself to see if you like it.

If you are out of town, try having a friend or family member drive by it for you.  Still not convinced?  You can always contact the Richland County Police Department  http://www.rcsd.net/ and request a crime report in a specified area.

Happy house hunting!

~ Ansley & Ferris

Dogs….Man’s Best Frenemy When Looking for a Rental?

Turner B

The dogs pictured (from left to right) are our very own Turner Whiteside and Elle & Gavin Purvis…aren’t they cute?

Elle & GavinOwning a pet can sometimes add extra challenges to finding a rental property for multiple reasons.  If you currently own a pet in a rental, you probably know what we’re talking about.

But trust us, we both have dogs that are more like family members than anything else.  You try looking into those big dark eyes and tell them they’re not coming to live with you?!? Yeah right!

For property owners however, they don’t see your little angel the same way and usually think first about the costs associated with allowing a pet at the property.  We’re not saying that every pet is going to pull a Beethoven and completely wreak havoc on a home, but no matter how docile your pet may be, wooden floors and doors get scratched, yards get tested and then there’s the issue of if a pet gets fleas.

Honestly we could go on an on but the bottom line is that it is 100% up to the owner of a property if they would like to allow a pet to live there.  If you’ve found a home that you love that will also allow you to take your furry friend with you, be prepared to take on extra costs as there is usually a pet fee required.  Whether it be a one time fee or a monthly fee, this has to be taken into consideration when budgeting for your rental.

Just to reiterate, we aren’t saying that it can’t be done nor are we suggesting that you ever leave your pet in the dust…we sure wouldn’t!  Just keep in mind that looking for a rental with a pet may be a little more consuming price wise and time wise.  People find pet friendly rentals all the time, and the hassle is all worth it in the end to be able to come home to that sweet furry face!

Happy house hunting!

~ Ansley & Ferris