How to Make Your Rental Into a Home

Art Pic. #2This may very well be my favorite blog post yet.   Who doesn’t want to make their rental more homey?  As a college student (back in the day) living with multiple roommates in Shandon, the rental we lived in was filled with a hodgepodge of mixed/matched furniture and décor from our parents castaways combined with a lot of owls.  I know that sounds weird but we were Chi-O’s so that was kind of our thing.

At the time, that was our home and I guess the saying “Home is Where the Heart Is” rings true and we were so happy to live together that we looked past our slipcovered floral sofa and rickety “dining” table.  But I’m pretty sure it was not a coincidence that none of our parents would stay in that house longer than an hour or so whenever they visited.

Looking back, besides cleaning a bit more :/…I maybe would have done a few things different to make the place more comfortable to guests of our little abode and to be honest I’m sure that my roommates wouldn’t have minded any of these suggestions either!

PlantBUY A PLANT – By bringing the outdoors inside, you’d be surprised what a difference this makes.  A plant will spruce up any room and can be purchased for pretty cheap at any local garden store.

ARTWORK – Can’t afford art?  Make some!  The artwork featured on this blog post was made by our very own Miles Purvis.  Ok so she might be a little above average in that area but between HGTV, Etsy and Pinterest there will be enough inspiration to bring out your inner Van Gogh.  Plus, you’d be amazed how having art around your house will really cozy it up!

PILLOWS – An affordable way to instantly spruce up any couch or chair.

Mirror PicMIRROR – Hung in the right spot, a mirror can instantly help a room feel larger.  Try looking at a garage sale or antique store, you can usually score one for a pretty good deal.

PICTURES – Nothing makes you feel more at home than being surrounded by family and friends.  Pick a few of your favorites and frame them.  This will make your rental instantly feel homier.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and are able to come up with some ways to incorporate some of these tips into your own rental.  What are your favorite decorating tips to make a house more homey?

Happy decorating!

~ Ansley & Ferris

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