Here are a few of our favorite things about Rosewood:

Rosewood - Rosewood MarketRosewood Market – This adorable market has fresh, local products from area farms and producers.  There is also a little deli inside that offers a variety of fresh options like soups, salads and a featured dish of the day.  Check them out at

Rosewood - PelicanPelican’s SnoBalls – You’re more than likely to find at least one CPM employee here during the summer months (or even before).  Offering over 100 flavors, these shaved ice snowballs literally melt in your mouth and are delicious.  Cola’s Summer Temp – 0     Pelican’s – 1   Find your favorite flavor at

Rosewood - RockawaysRockaway Athletic Club – Ironically this is actually a burger joint and a pretty darn good one at that.  You can order a regular burger if you want to be boring OR you can order a pimento cheese burger like a local…the choice is yours!  Since they don’t have a sign (part of the charm) it can be easy to miss but if you get lost just ask someone, everyone knows where Rockaway is!

Rosewood - City RootsCity Roots – This is an in-town sustainable farm right in the center of Rosewood in between the Carolina Stadium and Shandon.  They sell lots of their seasonal microgreens and veggies to local markets and restaurants and you can even pick some up for your own kitchen.  Like to be cooked for instead of doing the cooking?  Sign up for one of their Farm to Table dinners!

Rosewood - Rosewood Dairy BarRosewood Dairy Bar – Known for their fried chicken in the fall and chocolate dipped cones in the summer, Rosewood Dairy Bar has been around for forever.  Fried chicken not your thing?  Don’t worry they also have many other options like hotdogs and hamburgers.  If you’re driving and need a hands free option, might we suggest one of their many delicious milkshakes!

The Tour de Columbia blog post series helps give an overview of Columbia’s various areas and a sampling of our favorite places and things to do within each.  We hope that if you are new to Columbia, this helps you discover all that the city has to offer.  Already live in Columbia?  Maybe we can help you find something new!

~ Ansley & Ferris


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