Rental Checklist Tips

Rental Tips - AnneHere are some of our tips on finding a rental property that is right for you!

TIP #1 – Always drive by a property first to make sure that you like it as well as the area.  Obviously if you are relocating this may be a bit trickier but you will get the best feel for a property and the area by doing this and will be able to weed out some properties from your wish list based on your needs which brings us to tip #2.

TIP #2 – Don’t book showings at properties that don’t meet your needs.  Take into consideration: Sq. Footage, Location, Commute Time, Pet Policy, Rental $, Etc.

TIP #3 – If you are hunting for a rental with a roommate, make sure you are both on the same page about the type of property you are looking for as well as the rental rate.  When you find that right place, you sign a lease which means that it becomes a legally binding contract between you, your roommate and the Landlord.  You don’t want to get into a situation where you can afford your portion of the rent but your roommate can’t.  You both signed the lease remember?  This means that you are both accountable for that rent $ even if you are holding up your end of the bargain.

TIP #4 – Accept that some give & take may occur…no place is perfect and chances are won’t meet every item on your checklist, but that’s ok.  You can still find something that you love!

Happy House Hunting!

~Ansley & Ferris

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