Top Moving Companies in Columbia

Moving Truck PicMoving can be a daunting task for anyone, especially when it’s a re-occurring event which if you’re a student in Columbia, SC is probably the case.  To add insult to injury, Columbia’s extreme summer climate doesn’t exactly help out by making moving in the summer any easier or any more enjoyable for that matter.

If you’re anything like us, your moving company has consisted of a tired dad (who let’s be honest is getting older) and a few friends who you somehow wrangled into helping you with the offer of free pizza and beer (for those over 21).  Eventually, they will stop answering the phone when your lease expires and you will need professional help!

We could suggest a few therapists to get you through this alone, OR the slightly more affordable option is to leave it to the professionals and contact a moving crew.  Here are two of Columbia’s top moving companies that we feel have been top notch!

Two Men & A Truck –

Soda City Movers –

Give them a call!   Had a great experience with another moving company?  Let us know, we will add them to our list 🙂

~Ansley & Ferris

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