New to Columbia? 10 Things You Need to Know

Downtown ColaCola DevineColumbia Riverwalk

  1. WEATHER -The weather is crazy….in the summers the temps can reach well into the triple digits and we even get snow in the winter, well sometimes.  Prepare accordingly and dress in layers.  You never know what you’re going to get!
  2. TRAFFIC – Even though Columbia is a fair sized city, be prepared for your patience to be tested if you are A) Trying to drive downtown after work B) Trying to drive anywhere downtown on a game day or C) Trying to drive down I-26 in either direction between 5-6pm.  You get used to it after awhile so just hang in there!
  3. PALMETTO BUGS – We know we know, they are disgusting!  Unfortunately there is no way to entirely rid a property of them as they are a staple and come with the territory of living in Columbia, SC.  They didn’t get their name no reason!  We can however suggest some stellar exterminating companies to help keep them at bay from your property.  Out of sight out of mind right?!?
  4. SWEET TEA – For all you Northerners moving to Cola, if you order sweet tea there is no need to add sugar…it’s already  included and this delicious drink will soon become a staple in your diet.
  5. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION – Columbia is a great city to live in for multiple reasons.  Two of our favorites? You are less than a 2 hour drive from the beach or the mountains. Hard part?  Deciding how you want to spend your free weekends!
  6. COLLEGE TOWN – Columbia is the epitome of a college town.  Although you may be most familiar with the University of South Carolina, Columbia is also home to Allen University, Benedict College, Columbia College and Midlands Technical College.
  7. STATE CAPITOL – For those of you who didn’t already know, Columbia is the state capitol of South Carolina.  That is all….we just thought you should know!
  8. BOILED PEANUTS – Whether they are homemade or from Cromers, you will see these babies everywhere, especially the shells.  If you haven’t had them before, give them a try.  You won’t regret this decision!
  9. FAMILY FRIENDLY – Being a college town you may not expect it, but Columbia is very family friendly.  There are multiple indoor and outdoor activities to satisfy every family member.  Might we suggest one of our many sporting events whether it be a USC football game or a Blowfish baseball game.  Sports not your thing?  Take a stroll through Riverbanks Zoo or check out the latest exhibit at one of our many museums.
  10. COLUMBIYEAH! – Our slogan “Famously Hot Yet Surprisingly Cool” is indicative of all the growth Columbia has seen and the entertainment it has to offer.  Yeah we may be biased, but it’s a pretty cool place to live!

Any other good tips we forgot?  Just let us know!

~ Ansley & Ferris

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