Tour de Columbia…Our Staff Favorites: Forest Acres

Here are a few of our favorite things about Forest Acres.

Lillians SaladLillian’s –  CPM’s overall favorite lunch spot.  They have a killer salad with the most delicious dill dressing ever tasted and top it off with fresh grilled chicken.  Yumm I’m drooling just typing this post!  Need a meal to go? They also have a variety of frozen pre-made casseroles that you can take with you to go!

Cottage and Vine

Cottage and Vine – Located off Forest Dr., this is a great place to pick up a present or a little something for yourself :).  This store offers a variety of unique gift options ranging from jewelry to tableware to linens to really cool art.  Be sure to check it out…… will not regret it!


Scout and Molly’s – An awesome little clothing boutique located in Trenholm Plaza.  Whether you need a new pair of dark denims or a statement necklace for the next football game, they have a lot of options and you can always find something to bring home!  Be sure to check out their website at

Forest Lake Garden Center – Forest Lake Garden CenterNeed a pretty planter?  Or maybe some mums or pumpkins for fall decor?  Look no further! Located on Trenholm Rd. right off of Forest Dr. this is our go to spot for any outdoor needs and will soon be yours too.  They literally have everything you could want for your outdoor needs!

Consign ItConsign It – I really wish we’d found this consignment store sooner.  They have a ton of consigned furniture in excellent condition and you are sure to find a deal no matter what you’re looking for.  Great for re-decorating your apartment or house on a budget, you’re sure to find something to take home!

The Tour de Columbia blog post series helps give an overview of Columbia’s various areas and a sampling of our favorite places and things to do within each.  We hope that if you are new to Columbia, this helps you discover all that the city has to offer.  Already live in Columbia?  Maybe we can help you find something new!

~Ansley & Ferris


Moving? Common Mistakes to Avoid

The thought of moving can be very exciting at times and also very daunting.  To make sure that your move goes as smooth as possible, here are some tips to help avoid common moving mistakes.

Moving Couch1.  Measure, Measure, Measure…we can’t stress this enough!  If you have an extra wide couch that you just can’t live without, make sure that  it fits not only in your new living room but actually through the door.  Sometimes the doorways of certain properties, especially older properties with lots of character and charm have very narrow hallways and door frames. We suggest bringing a measuring tape when viewing a property you are interested in renting.

2.  We all like having water and electricity right?  Before moving, ensure that your water and utilities are transferred into your name by your specified move-in day.  This is super easy to do and you will just need to contact your local service provider and present them with a copy of your lease agreement.  Not sure who your service providers are? Your management company will be able to provide you with this information. Just ask!

renters-insurance3.  Always get Rental Insurance….you just should!  At CPM we actually require this of all of our tenants and here’s why.  For a small monthly fee, you can obtain this insurance which actually protects your personal belongings such as electronics, musical equipment, furniture, etc. should an issue occur in the property and your items are damaged.  Property owners are only responsible to fix the property itself, they aren’t responsible for any of their renter’s personal items.  Trust us, it’s more affordable to pay for Renter’s Insurance than have to replace your prized possessions!

We hope you find this information useful. Happy house hunting!

~ Ansley & Ferris