Columbia Strong


Picture of Forest Drive in Columbia, SC

We decided to go out of order on the blogs this week in order to address what’s been going on in our city.  As I’m typing this post I don’t even know where to begin….Columbia has experienced devastation from the floods and storms this past week unlike we’ve ever seen leaving in it’s aftermath many families without food, shelter, homes and peace of mind.  For those of you in need of government assistance, please contact FEMA by using this link:  They will be able to help with medical, food, housing, etc.

As our great city deals with this tragedy we know that Columbia will pull through.  The outpouring of help and love from our community has been and continues to be amazing.  From neighbors housing other neighbors, from residents with boats pitching in to help others vacate the flood and from family and friends and our community joining together to help clean up this mess,  the examples of love and strength are overwhelming. These are the stories that make you believe in humanity and these are the stories that really do make it hard to fathom exactly what has and is still happening in our city.

For many, the weeks and months ahead will be difficult ones however we do know that with the support of our community Columbia will get through this.  We are COLUMBIA STRONG!

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