Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Our food drive benefiting Harvest Hope Food Bank has come to a close. Thanks to our generous tenants and owners we killed it, and came incredibly close to reaching our goal!

All in all ColaPro is happy to report we put a major dent in hunger in the Midlands!


No donation was too big or too small!


It was always a nice surprise to come in and see what people had left. In case you cant tell that is Campbell’s Tomato Soup front and center there. Who does not love a bowl of that in the winter??



Speaking of winter…the cold has finally set in around Columbia and it is here to stay. Just a few reminders for the cold season. Keep your faucets dripping at night when the temperature hangs around the mid to low 20’s. **Do not forget about your exterior faucets like the spigot in your yard (what your hose connects to).