Hurricane Matthew


Due to inclement weather here is our obligatory hurricane post:

In order to prepare for the upcoming storm this weekend with windy conditions and possible flooding rain fall, we have provided some helpful tips to keep you, your belongings, and your property safe.  We advise you to take precautions with outside lawn furniture, decorative items, grills or anything not heavy enough to withstand the wind gusts.

To Email (Non-Emergency):

  • We ask that you email Gayle Armstrong  to notify her of minor roof leaks, fallen branches and/or trees, or damages which are not of an emergency status, but will need attention when the storm subsides.  Also, please attach a picture with your email, if possible.  *Keep in mind, a roofer cannot fix the leak while it is raining.


To Call (Emergency):

  • In the event of an emergency call the  on-call phone (803) 331-4469
  •  Call 911 if you feel the situation renders immediate assistance or is life threatening.
  • If you lose electricity, please contact South Carolina Electric & Gas Company at 1-800-251-7234.