Preparing for Cold Weather

Olive is staying warm this winter, and she wants to make sure you are prepared too!


As we are expecting freezing temperatures this winter we wanted to provide you with some tips on how to protect your property from frozen/burst pipes:

* Allow hot and cold faucets to drip during extreme cold weather as this can help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. You may want to open cabinets doors to the kitchen or bathroom sinks if the sink backs up to an outside wall.

* If you open a faucet and no water comes out, this is a sign that your pipes are frozen and you will need to contact the office at (803)931-0044 for more information.

*Disconnect any garden hoses from the hose bib on any exterior spigots and allow these spigots to drip or use the inexpensive covers from a hardware store or home improvement store.

*SCE&G suggests setting your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter months as your heating systems will run more efficiently at this setting.

*If you will be away from your property for an extended period of time during the winter months, be careful how much you lower the heat. A lower temperature may save some on the heating bill but leaves the property susceptible to frozen pipes and heating system complications.

We also wanted to provide you with some tips to help prevent break-ins: 

* Don’t post your travel plans on social media.

* Make sure your doors and windows are locked and secure.

*Set your alarm if you have one.

*Have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail, packages and newspapers. If you are leaving for an extended time, contact the Post Office to put your mail on hold.

*Leave a light on, or have a lamp set on a timer so it seems like someone is home.

*Safeguard your valuables, don’t leave important things out in the open.

*Make sure your renter’s insurance is up-to-date in case something does happen.

If you do experience a break-in, please first notify the police, then call the office phone or emergency phone after hours so we can assist in securing your property.


We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! 

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