Local Lingo

  • CPM – This is shorthand for Columbia Property Management and is what we lovingly refer to as ourselves!
  • Cola / Soda City – You will commonly hear these names when locals refer to the city of Columbia. Cola because it’s the shorthand for Columbia and Soda City because of the term “Cola.” Soda and Cola…get it?
  • Huger – This is probably the most commonly mispronounced street name and for a street that is so heavily traveled in Columbia you might as well say it correctly. It’s pronounced (U-Gee). Say it this way and people will think you’re a local!
  • Five Points – Columbia’s first neighborhood shopping district located at the intersection of Harden St., Devine St. and Santee Ave. This area has remained a constant favorite amongst college students and locals.
  • The Vista – Full of dining and nightlife options, the Vista is located off Gervais St. and expands into downtown Columbia. It may take you awhile to find a parking spot but the Vista is walkable and the entertainment possibilities are endless.
  • Devine St. – Beautiful tree lined street that runs all the way from Five Points to Garners Ferry all while hosting some of Columbia’s finest boutiques and local restaurants.
  • Bless His/Her Heart – This may sound like a term of endearment but it is anything but. You may commonly hear this referenced during discussions involving Clemson University.
  • USC – No this does not stand for University of Southern California, it’s University of South Carolina. Better not make that mistake around here!

***Any terms we forgot to include?  Bless our hearts, just let us know!

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